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Germany, DFN

The Linuxbierwanderung is a yearly recurring event in which Linux users hike the hills and valleys of an area selected for its natural beauty, its beer, and (if possible) its solar eclips ;-).

This year (2001), the Linuxbierwandering will be held from the 25th of August to the 1st of September in Bouillon, Belgium.

LBW 2001, a beer odyssey

This year, the Linuxbierwanderung will visit Belgium, home of the widest variety of special beers anywhere. The place we have chosen is Bouillon, located in the famous Ardennes, in the Semois river valley. Bouillon is dominated by its castle, which was founded in the year 1096, and has a rich medieval history. It is also well know for its great hiking, and it has a local brewery annex beer shop with over 300 types of beer on sale.

The local language is French, and not everybody here speaks English, or even Dutch or German, so if you want to be able to order exactly the right kind of beer, you better start practicing your language skills. Don't worry too much, though. You will survive with just English and some hand waving. ;-)

As usual with the Linuxbierwanderung, all participants are expected to make their own arrangements for accomodations, etc. To help you along, a list of possible accomodations is available, which will be extended as we find more.

If you plan to come to the hike, please do register yourself, and join the mailing list where all participants are discussing plans for this year's event. There is no registration fee, but participants are expected to share in the overhead costs of the event, such as the rent of the hall. Details will be provided as we know more. Remember: this is a community event. There is no official central organisation. If you want something to happen, start organising it.

We are working to arrange a hall under the roof of the Bouillon Archeoscope museum as our central meeting place. It has lots of floor space, a kitchen, and plenty of ISDN lines. You can see some pictures on our pictures page.

A bank account has been opened to keep the money from the people who volunteer to loan/donate some money for the hall. We will post the details later on the mailinglist.

Since we are in Belgium, we thought it might be nice to make a day trip with a hike through three countries: Luxembourg, Deutschland and France. On this trip we will vist the villages Perl in Germany and Apach in France. Those with an interest in that kind of thing can make a short detour to Borg. Don't forget your currency calculator...

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